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Wedding Signature Scroll

Wedding Signature Scroll
Wedding Signature Scroll
Wedding Signature Scroll - Light Grey Wedding Signature Scroll - Grey with Red Front
Dragon Phoenix Paper Print Width - 44cm, Scroll length - 190cm, Signing Area - 130cm

Wedding Signature Scroll
Wedding Signature Scroll
Dragon Phoenix Wedding Signature Scroll Comes with Silk Brocade Box Packaging
Price : SGD $118.00 Box Measurement - 12cm x 8cm x 58 cm

Wedding Signature Scroll (Ancient Chinese Emperor's Scroll)

Sign-in Scrolls are a great alternative to the contemporary wedding guest book.  It reminds us of the Ancient Chinese Emperor’s Scrolls.  The Scrolls deliver the attention and grand presentation of a unique guest sign-in.  Dragon Pheonix paper print on the scroll, is a symbol of greatest love on earth.  It comes with a silk brocade box for storage, measuring 12x8x58cm.

Unlike Guest Book, this scroll are for couples looking for something out of ordinary, something unique by its class and most important their guest would be delighted and honour to give memorable signature on ancient scroll.


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