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Wedding Guest Book

Guestbook De Cutie Ivory
Wedding Guestbook De Cutie Pink
Guest Book De Cutie - Ivory color Guest Book Yuan Man - Red color
Price : SGD $38.00 (All Sold Out) Price : SGD $38.00 (All Sold Out)


Wedding Guestbook Packaging

Gold Box Packaging for De Cutie Couple Wedding Guest Book

Red Box Packaging for Yuan Man Couple Wedding Guest Book

Both Packaging comes with a Rose Pen


Wedding Guest Book

A unique selection of wedding guestbook and pens for your special day! Design tailor for Singapore couples, to keep their memory for the most important day of their life. With all guest sign-in and their blessing in a single book. Best Wedding Signature, Autograph Book for the wedding day.

Both designs comes with a rose pen in the Red or Gold packaging box. Make from soft fabric material, embroidered with Yuan Man or De Cutie Character. Available in Ivory and Red color.

Also you may like Wedding Signature Scrolls.


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